Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh My!

Sep 26

quote Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.

Mark Twain (via kushandwizdom)

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Sep 26


Sometimes when I’m alone I drop my Claddagh ring to see if naked Angel will fall from the sky

Sep 22

To my talented friends.

I  cannot be beautiful like you. 
That is why I keep you under my bed
in my head
Why I follow you on Facebook 
live vicariously in your dreams.

Simply put
I cannot be beautiful like you.

Sep 22

Last night I realized my son is no longer a baby.
The soft curve of his cheeks, the set of his teeth, the lost of the baby pudge.

This revelation incited an argument with his father.
His father who
after four years (counting my pregnancy, though I shouldn’t)
His father who suddenly wants to see the fruit of his loins
Meet his seed
Greet my heart.

I am not ashamed.

My son, my heart, the only thing I love more than myself and chocolate and vodka and God put together.
My son does not know this man.
I no longer know this man…
If I ever did to begin with.

My son. 
My son who I carried in MY body.
Who I sing to sleep at night.
Who I make sure says his prayers.
My son.

Not his.

May 26
May 26
May 25

On Marriage and Self Preservation →


She cut everything out from her previous life that wasn’t her husband. Living in the same small town she had grown up in, but she was going places, this girl. People told her when she was younger that she would grow to be an actress or a model, with those bright eyes, translucent skin and vivid…

May 23

quote Sat and watched the hills race for the harbour. And every time I touched her she’d roll over. My last five years left more to be desired. Can’t remember how to set the world on fire.

— The Smith Street Band, Tom Busby (via unbearablysharp)
May 23


Once upon a time
or maybe just my past life
I was vibrant.

Neon green, lavender fields.
Raves in L.A., bonfires in Georgia.
A rainbow after a monsoon.
Sun reflecting off snow.

I was a real sight to behold.
Beautiful, charismatic, youthful.
I was Bold.

Once upon a time…

May 12


I use to write, you know.
The words just flowing out.
Spilled ink across a page.
Spilled blood.
Memeories Scrawled.

I use to dream, you know.
I dreamed you into being.
Prayed hourly for you.
And here you are, kicking and laughing.

Sometimes life is difficult.
More difficult than you think.